Daddy’s Cumslut

Daddys Cumslut ebony gay picture

This collection is all about horny daddies enjoying the company of their silky smooth Latin boys, who like having bareback sex with older men. It’s not always about the boy taking it raw up the ass, as you will discover when daddy assumes the doggie position to get his ass pounded by a young and hung fucking machine. Top, or bottom, daddy always gets what he wants from his youthful companion, who is happy to please his mature man. By the time these couples are done someone is guaranteed to have cum dripping from his ass or chin, so be sure to add Daddy’s Cumslut to your library and enjoy all the hardcore dad and son action.

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Muscle Stud Blown In The Gym

Muscle Stud Blown In The Gym ebony gay picture

When the gym-goers are gone, Caio Barcellos and Poax see that as a great opportunity to get down to some blowjob action. The bigger, more muscular hunk is the one who wants some service and his smaller buddy is more than down giving it. This lad can suck a mean rod too, deep throating the Muscle God until he delivers his cum into his mouth!

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Beau Reed

Beau Reed has a confession to make to his wife, and it’s not an easy one: he’s fallen off the wagon (again), and is back to betting on sports. Even worse? He owes the Man 40 dimes. If you’ve got a bookie and make bets, you know who "The Man" is, as well as 40 "dimes" meaning forty thousand dollars. "What are we going to do?" Mrs. Reed asks. She grows even more concerned when Beau tells her guys who work for "The Man" are on their way over to collect! We all know what this means! When the collectors show, Mrs. Reed cuts a deal: instead of fucking up Hubby, how about you just fuck Hubby? "We have a lot of naughty bedroom play, and he likes sucking black dildos and having me peg him," Mrs. Reed explains to The Collectors. "Why don’t you guys just let my Hubby suck your cocks so you won’t be so angry?" The Collectors agree, and we all know it won’t end with cock sucking. After The Collectors spilt him open and leave him drenched in cum and laying on their kitchen floor, they take Mrs. Reed to the bedroom, where they’ll have their way with Beau’s wife, too!

Beau Reed ebony gay picture Beau Reed ebony gay picture Beau Reed ebony gay picture Beau Reed ebony gay picture

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Brad Wilde

Brad Wilde is a white "power bottom", and today he’s going to take a pounding! What starts as a lazy Sunday afternoon by the pool turns into a black-cock bonanza! Brad Wilde, who has one of the most accommodating assholes you’re ever going to see, invited three, well-hung Bulls over to his place…and, of course, his reason was one: they’re all packing serious meat. They’re typical Bulls, thick, hung, and horny. Brad starts out warming up with Bulls with his willing mouth. After all three are ready to fuck, the party moves to the patio. It’s there Brad is fucked as hard as you’re going to see a white boy fucked. With one extra-long black dick up his ass, Brad handles the other two with either his mouth or his hands. He wants to make sure they all cum, too, which Brad ensures by doing anything the Bulls want. Open wide, and better not use your teeth, Brad…or the Bulls will smack you around. In the end, all three Bulls simultaneously unload, drenching their little white boi with their hot, sticky cum! What a party! And Brad can’t wait til next Sunday, when Tez, Knight and Deepdicc bring more of their friends over!!

Brad Wilde ebony gay picture Brad Wilde ebony gay picture Brad Wilde ebony gay picture Brad Wilde ebony gay picture

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Latin Jizz

Latin Jizz ebony gay picture

Latin youth, with a taste for cum, is what gives this collection it’s title. But before we jump to the ending, let’s consider all the things these skinny and smooth boys enjoy first. Of course, we get to watch these twink and college age boys strip each other naked, so they can get a taste of uncut dick. Then, some get kinky with a bit of watersports action, while the rest get right down to the hardcore bareback fucking. After everyone has fucked raw, their seed starts pumping, and that’s when we get to enjoy those great visuals of cute boys with cum dripping off their chin. Make Latin Jizz the next addition to your library of cute boys and enjoy it to the last drop.

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Shoot Their Loads

Shoot Their Loads ebony gay picture

Chris gasps as Marvin fucks him, buts cries out for more as his ass is stretched wide. While Marvin pounds his hole, Chris strokes his own cock up and down, the shaft like a black iron bar in his hand. The twinks can feel their jizz rising in their huge black dicks, and squat next to each other, as they jerk themselves off. Their hands move fast along their dicks, as they both want to feel their cocks explode with cum. Marvin shoots first, his cum over their smooth bodies. The smell of spunk makes Chris squirt his jizz, and he mixes it with Marvins juices on their glistening skin. The lads squeeze the last delicious drops from their sticky cocks.

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Santiago And Mirko

Santiago And Mirko ebony gay picture

Dressed in their school uniforms, these horny college boys are doing their best to concentrate on their studies. But text books can’t compete with raging hormones and soon young Santiago and Mirko are going for the cock. Bottom boy gets his lips wrapped around the top’s big uncut dick and soon has him rock hard and ready to fuck. Bent over the sofa, the skinny and smooth bottom gets his bubble butt fucked from behind and the look on his face is priceless. The Latin twinks bareback fuck in several positions, as we enjoy some great ass lip rolling close-ups along the way. Finally, top pulls out for an ass-to-mouth blowjob that ends with a face full of cum.

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Christopher And Frank

Christopher And Frank ebony gay picture

Christopher walks in to find Frank sound asleep and begins fondling his smooth black ass. Frank awakens and the two sexy Africans start kissing tenderly and sucking each other’s big cocks. Christopher knows his huge black cock can hurt, so he takes it easy at first. When Frank’s ass loosens up, things take on a rhythm and the bareback fucking marathon begins. Ready to climax. Frank spills his load first, dripping his cum all over the bed sheets. Christopher follows by shooting his warm cum onto Frank’s nut sack.

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Sage And Nadir

Sage And Nadir ebony gay picture

Sage loves the girl-ish African guys and Nadir is all that and more. Nadir makes sure to suck his cock real well before he gets bareback fucked to oblivion. Sage maintains a raging boner throughout this incredible bareback fucking scene. The ass pillaging Nadir gets leaves both African twinks panting and breathless after both twinks stroke out their cum.

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