Aaron Jacobs & Ray Diesel

Aaron Jacobs & Ray Diesel ebony gay picture Aaron Jacobs & Ray Diesel ebony gay picture
Aaron Jacobs & Ray Diesel @ BlacksOnBoys.com
Ray Diesel’s a professional trainer. He’s one of LA’s best. He’s know for pushing his clients to their max. Aaron Jacobs, one of his long-time clients, was foolish enough to think he could challenge Ray during a particularly intense training routine, and sure enough, he injured his foot. Back at Ray’s gym, Aaron gets a once over before admitting his erotic desires for Ray. He’s always looked up to Ray, and now, on his knees with Ray’s thick, beautiful piece of meat in his mouth, Aaron is really looking up to Ray. If poor Aaron thought the workout was tough, wait until he experiences Ray working over his tight, white asshole. Ray stretches Aaron to his maximum potential before dropping a large load all over Aaron’s bare chest. Talk about getting into shape!
Aaron Jacobs & Ray Diesel ebony gay picture Aaron Jacobs & Ray Diesel ebony gay picture
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Jack Bloom, Phoenix & Tru

Jack Bloom, Phoenix & Tru ebony gay picture Jack Bloom, Phoenix & Tru ebony gay picture
Jack Bloom, Phoenix & Tru @ BlacksOnBoys.com
Today at Blacksonboys.com we have Jack Bloom, an admitted black cock virgin. So what do we usually like to do with black cock virgins? We give them two big black cocks to work with. Phoenix and Tru get the pleasure of taking Jack Bloom black cock virginity. They all meet up and then drive back to the Blacks On Boys fuck pad and get down to business. Jack eagerly goes to work sucking and fucking both of their black dicks like a true pro and getting both loads of their cum right in his mouth and face.
Jack Bloom, Phoenix & Tru ebony gay picture Jack Bloom, Phoenix & Tru ebony gay picture
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African Piss Twinks

Following a sweaty tribal circumcision ritual for one of their friends, Patrick and Steven have a bareback fuck and piss party. The golden showers keep the twinks refreshed, and the bareback action keeps them horny. With lots of piss breaks, Steven controls his orgasm. But in the end his primal passions take over. He pulls his cock out of Patrick’s ass and shoots his sperm on his friend’s belly. A little while later Patrick follows with his own cumshot. He rubs all the white jizz in his black skin and creates a big sticky mess.

African Piss Twinks ebony gay pictureAfrican Piss Twinks ebony gay picture
African Piss Twinks ebony gay picture
African Piss Twinks ebony gay picture

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Bareback Study Hall 3: Encounters

Bareback Study Hall 3: Encounters ebony gay picture

Anthony Andrews and Leon Holt are attending another class together at the CocoDorm University. The teacher, Mr. Thompson, comes in and explains what the class is all about. According to the assignment board, they needed to know and understand the rules of Bedroom Encounters. Mr. Thompson gets Anthony and Leon started by having Anthony start working on sucking Leon’s dick. TaetheDoug and TygaX are in their next class, Bedroom Encounters 101, when Tyga sees that Tae is just a little too relaxed. The student teacher, Daniel Thompson, comes in to instruct them on what’s expected of them in this class. Tae and Tyga start taking their clothes off and get started on their assignment. Rogelio Hernandez is in one of his last senior classes, Bedroom Encounters 102. TygaX, a sophomore, walks in and finds out he is in the wrong class. Rogelio tells Tyga that he can teach him a few things and to stick around for a lesson from an upperclassman. Arman Woodson and Daniel Thompson are stuck in detention. Arman explains that he got put there for being too freaky and that got Daniel’s attention. He asks Arman to show what kinda freaky stuff he’s into and Arman comes over to suck on Daniel’s dick. Once Daniel’s big dick is hard, he bends Arman over and eats it out getting it ready for a hard fucking. Arman takes that big dick like a true freak, moaning as he gets it balls deep.

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Summer Holidays Pool Duo

Summer Holidays Pool Duo ebony gay picture

The summer school holidays series continues with these two sexy cute twinks teaming up. Guilles is a hot young 18yr old blond who has that tussled just out of bed look and Jeremy is a total babe with a 10inch rod. These two take up the free week at the country house and both agree to let us watch. We got more than we expected though as Guilles may look innocent but he cannot resist going down on pecker. Once he has it worked up nice and hard he bends over and takes it up the ass hard and deep.

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Barebacking In Rio

Barebacking In Rio ebony gay picture

Barebacking In Rio begins as Thiago is just hanging out in his house, waiting for the action to come to him, and does it ever! Robert shows up and the two don’t waste a minute. Mateus and Sandro meet on the street and do some catching up before Sandro invites Mateus back to see his new apartment. While approving the new pad, Mateus has other things on his mind. Douglas, after having fallen on hard times, resorts to robbing houses. He breaks in to Dennys house, while Dennys is relaxing in his hot tub. "Hard" times of a different nature ensues. Muscular hard body Poax is having problems taking the wheel off his van and injures his hand in the process. A complete stranger, Alex, passes by and tries to help out. Having no luck with the wheel, Poax doesn’t realize his luck is about to change with this nice helpful stranger. Bruno is late and Alan, while watching a movie on his bed, calls him up wondering what the delay is. Bruno says he’ll be there soon, but Alan gets tired of waiting and falls asleep. Finally Bruno arrives, with a bottle of wine in hand. But if he thinks just a bottle of wine will do the trick, he has another thing cumming!

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J Parks First XXL Cock

J Parks First XXL Cock ebony gay picture

We all know J. Park is a horny Korean boy, but has he taken on more than he can handle? After warming him up to Nathaniel’s monster 9 inch cock last week, he told us he was ready to take it all. He warmed up this hung Puerto Rican God first with his mouth, and it’s truly amazing to watch Nathaniel’s cock grow bigger and thicker by the second. Finally the cock looks bigger then J. Park’s hole head and you got to wonder how Park gets his jaws around that monster. After the amazing suck, Park tells Nathaniel to ‘Lick his ass like they do in Puerto Rico.’ Looks like they like to rim those holes deep. Finally Nathaniel gives J.Park the ultimate prize…his monster 9 incher. J. Park screams ‘Shit’ as he’s in shock by the mighty force of this monster. He’s never had anything nearly this big and you can see the intensity in his moaning. The intensity increases as the cock rips J.’s hole apart, inching in deeper and deeper until J. Park can take it all. After some seriously furious fucking, Nathaniel blows his load in J. Park’s mouth as J. guzzles it down.

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Studs Prey – 1

Studs Prey   1 ebony gay picture

Now the video – the photos gave you a taste of the hottest production we have ever done. Studs Prey is a series that follows the pursuits of Eric and Marcos, two hot young latino studs that are on a mission to find and lure or trick, or by whatever means necessary, young hot bloke into having sex with them. These bloke play as a team and get off when they get to rough up and dominate their prey. Lucky for them their prey always seems to love it too.

This is #1 in the series so keep watching for the next installment.

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Losing Virginity

Losing Virginity ebony gay picture

After winning an important soccer game, we go to the coach’s house to celebrate in a very special way. I never imagined that my coach wanted to have sex with us, but as you can see in the video, his huge cock made it clear to us that, aside from soccer, his big passion is fucking the boys on his team. We have recorded this video because we like sex and since we hope that when you see us, you will want to join us at the next party. Eric lost his virginity with double penetration. David waits in his house for two new friends. One friend is 18 years old, has always been with girls and now wants to try new experiences and now lose his virginity.

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The Mighty Quinn

The Mighty Quinn ebony gay picture

In this video Quinn was supposed to top Joao but somehow the tables got turned and Quinn ends up trying to stuff Joao’s fat Brazilian cock up his ass, unsuccessfully though. Wasn’t long before Joao was on the bottom taking Quinn’s cock all the way up his hole.

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